“I find myself more and more these days posting images about my shoots.  Not so much because I personally want to do so, but more for the audience I’ve collected as a commercial photographer. Social media does play a big part of my work now, so to have someone there to take care of it, do it professionally, and deliver the images timely and to perfection;  Yeah, that’s Joel for you.

He’s there with you and yet you feel as if he’s not there at all.  Exactly how one would want someone to be, doing this work. His fine art photography background, along with his past life of being a chemist, does give Joel an advantage to this kind of work.  He understands how a process works, and especially the details involved with each project. No explaining, no how-to’s or anything to tell Joel before a shoot, just let him work around you and you end up with much more than ever expected by the day’s end.

Our shoot, called,  “The Janitor’s Daughter” was about empowerment of women. This shoot was created as a test idea for my portfolio, and to create a story about how this power girl shows us who’s really the boss.  We had a great time, and Joel was there covering the day, the whole time.  It was quite a surprise for myself when I saw all the images he had created, and to my delight, loved all of them.

I’ve had Joel on a few shoots with me now, and each time I enjoy the surprises and different camera angles he gets. Sometimes I love how the set all looks and in the end, allows me to have something to talk about and in certain times, I also have material to use when I teach, and mentor other photographers.

He’s a great friend to have work by your side.  And even good for tech advice along the day if you need. Overall, Joel creates a nice added value to my shoots.”

Ken Pivak

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