Landscape Designer Ted Weiant needed a place to stay when his 1913 Craftsman house was rented. In close collaboration with architect Marcelo Ciccone, a 288 square-foot one car garage, designed to accommodate a Ford Model A, became a luxurious 485 square-foot living space where Weiant could retreat to while his home was occupied by renters.

There were several key requirements for the design:

1.   An integration of the interior and exterior spaces with minimal disruption of the site.
2.   A low roof line allowing the structure to “disappear”.
3.   Privacy: separation of the site from the front house and yard.
4.   A sense of each room being separate to give the illusion of a larger space.
5.   Storage space.
6.   The interior design should reflect Weiant’s eclectic taste.
7.   Quality fit and finish.

When I photographed the result of the Weiant/Ciccone design team’s effort, I was impressed by how successfully all of the key design requirements were achieved. Check out the photographs below or click here to see all the photographs of the project. You can judge for yourself if the project’s requirements were met.