Karen Pinter

“lessons in love” was born out of a simple request to curate a friend’s photography collection. A novel idea for someone used to curating mostly words.

“How do I do this?”

I sifted through six large boxes filled to the brim with prints. I read what others had written before. Yet, being a storyteller and archaeologist at heart, I was looking for hidden gems, so I found the ones that wanted to tell a story.

When the story was written, it asked to be paired down to its purest form and message – and for those words to be married to their visual partners. The images invite the viewer on his or her personal journey of perception. Sometimes our vision is crystal clear, and sometimes blurred – what matters is how we choose to look, and that we keep our hearts open.

This exploration is a call to simplicity, introspection, and a re-kindling of deep-spirited love. Because this is what we come from, and this is what we return to.

How we choose to expand life and love evolves from the lessons we encounter along the way.

Here are some that I have remembered.

With gratitude,

Karin Pinter

Joel H. Mark

During the summer of 2013, I asked Karin Pinter to curate a new exhibit of my personal photography for display in the Art Projects gallery of my website.

The body of work that Karin explored consists of images of the places and things that are all around us that we mostly ignore because they are ubiquitous. Unlike the commercial photography that I provide to my clients where detail and resolution are important elements, these images are more concerned with mood and feeling and are made with low resolution cameras. They are presented as “miniatures”.

Once the images for the exhibit were chosen, Karin went beyond the traditional curator’s essay by seeing the possibility of using them to illustrate a book. “As I explored his photographic treasure trove, I realized I was creating a story around my personal meditations on love, partnership and the seasons we experience in life.”

The book, “lessons in love — an illustrated reflection”, provides insights on love and life through words and images.

Joel H. Mark
February 2014