Curiosity – New Urban Landscapes

 In Art


As a landscape photographer since my student days, I’ve long been drawn to photographing in both rural and urban settings, with both traditional and non-traditional results. The images of urban landscapes are usually of small and intimate spaces, and include interiors as well. I’ve come to realize these scenes always have an emotional component, whether or not I knew that at the time.

These days, I’m at a place in my life where issues of mortality are affecting me. Some of my friends are dealing with health matters, often with diminishment of physical or mental capabilities. Many are faced with marginalization by society. The question is always, “What’s next?”

For me, this series of photographs captures moments in time that stir the imagination—at least mine. This new series of photographs is not about what is seen in front of the camera. I am curious about what is not seen. They each, individually and together, beg these questions: what is the story behind the windows or up the stairs, and what is around the corner, a pathway or a dead end street? Really it comes down to, what are the possibilities, and what is next?

Shakespeare believed that we don’t always know what he’s saying, but still we get the meaning. That is precisely why I shoot photos like these…to inspire meaning and impart pleasure.

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